Friday, April 19, 2013

Detox it Up!!!

Fitness Friday!!!

Hello KPVI Folks!!! It was so fun to spend time with Matt & Libby again and share some of my favorite detox drinks!! Check out the links below for recipes and more info on each drink!! 

I saved the best for last, a couple years ago a good friend of mine that is a personal trainer shared with me Sassy Water. It is a great detox!!! You drink in place of your water for 7 days and then you reap the benefits of 5-7 pounds of weight loss. It is kinda like scrubbing bubbles for your colon. You'll notice an increase in energy and overall well being. This is not a cleanse to do on a regular basis, you want to only do this one- every six weeks ( at the most). As part of a healthy diet.

Sassy Water
1 Cucumber Sliced thin
2 TBS grated Ginger root -- you can use a microplane (just be careful don't injure yourself like Matt)
1 Whole Lemon - Sliced
14 Mint Leaves
Add to 1 Gallon of Water and Drink daily for 7 days!

Good Luck!!!

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